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Harmonize Your Home

Create a sense of balance and flow in your home by using color to transition smoothly from room to room. It can be used on walls, trim and ceilings as well as inspiration for accessories and furnishings.

Most people look at painting their house room-by-room. Why not think of it as room-to-room? Your home is made up of rooms that connect and flow into each other. And there’s no better way to create a unified look throughout your home than with color.

How it works

Each image card contains 3 room scenes and 2 transitional colors that help tie the spaces together. The colorized yin yang symbols represent the harmony of colors flowing from room to room, with these colors appearing on walls, trim, furnishings or accessories.

We’ve also included a sample room for inspiration on every image card to convey the overall feel and tone of the style grouping.

Finally, there’s a matching color palette containing 5 colors that can be used in one room or multiple spaces to create a cohesive color scheme.

Harmony Image Card
    • Harmony Image Card: Worldly
    • Worldly
    • Bold and dynamic, this palette generates energy and excitement.
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    • Harmony Image Card: Metro
    • Metro
    • Lively, expressive colors can accentuate shapes and architectural elements, tying an open floor plan together.
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    • Harmony Image Card: Bold
    • Bold
    • Give your home a global appeal with vibrant colors. Vary the intensity by using lighter shades and adding neutrals.
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    • Harmony Image Card: Contemporary
    • Contemporary
    • The colors in this palette mix well with light woods and stainless steel to create a modern, yet calming, atmosphere.
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    • Harmony Image Card: Modern
    • Modern
    • Natural finshes and classic neutrals combine to create a sophisticated feel.
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    • Harmony Image Card: Nostalgic
    • Nostalgic
    • Earthy colors ground furnishings and create a welcoming environment.
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    • Harmony Image Card: Lakeside Casual
    • Lakeside Casual
    • Achieve a soothing, relaxing retreat by using mid-tones and soft colors from nature.
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    • Harmony Image Card: Fresh
    • Fresh
    • The cool and muted colors in this palette fashion a serene and reflective atmosphere.
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