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2013 Color Forecast & Trends

What’s hot in color today? The color stylists at Martin-Senour Paints offer their insight into the popular hues of today and tomorrow.



This trend has a unique style that hints at the past while looking to the future. Colors are complex combinations of light and dark. Finishes embrace the beauty of distressed.

  • 1105-D Grape Popsicle
  • 1067-A Absolute Love
  • 1024-C Sun City
  • 1132-C Wading Boots
  • 1089-D Glazed Grass
  • 1080-B Against the Current
  • 1110-C Wrapped Gray
  • 1052-A Kitten's Whiskers


In our multicultural world, traditions bring communities together as they celebrate their uniqueness. The saturated earthy colors represent their common ground.

  • 1035-D Pom-Pom Pomegranate
  • 1022-A Today's Orange
  • 1024-A Painted Yolk
  • 1065-D Around the World
  • 1087-C Foggy Morning
  • 1076-C Pacific Panorama
  • 1052-D Sue's Brown
  • 1108-B Ominous


There is a shift in how we tell the stories of our lives as diaries and scrapbooks change to digital forms that can be updated and replayed. Colors may be recycled but the style is completely new.

  • 1005-A Kris Kringle
  • 1042-B Coralberry
  • 1098-C Sultan Sand
  • 1128-D Cacti Stem
  • 1117-D Bay of Fundy
  • 1077-A Good Night
  • 1112-B Blueberry Yogurt
  • 1058-C Summerwood

Bio Visual

A blending of science and art creates a magical new way to look at design and color. This trend experiments with the fantastical and real with clean, quiet neutrals and energetic brights.

  • 1072-D Sugar Frost
  • 1005-B Romantic Moment
  • 1033-D Yellow Zest
  • 1096-C Citrus Burst
  • 1085-B Sporty Teal
  • 1079-A Across the Water
  • 1107-A Quiet Storm
  • 1056-A Downy Chick