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The New Martin-Senour Paints Color Selector Helps You Find Your Perfect Color

Our new Color Selector is divided into four main sections: Choose Your Color, Harmonize Your Home, Find Your Focus, and Sample Your Style™.

Choose Your Color

Features a palette of 576 popular colors, including 48 unique shades of white. Oversized 2 inch by 7.5 inch color strips present four varying shades from all color families, while whites are displayed on individual 2.5 inch by 4 inch color strips nearly double the industry standard size.

Harmonize Your Home

Bridge the gap between designing a color scheme for a single room and one for a whole house. This breakthrough concept illustrates how to transition color smoothly from room to room, creating a sense of harmony and a balanced, flowing color scheme. Each of the eight idea cards has a coordinating 4 inch by 7.5 inch color strip displaying the 5 colors featured on the idea card.

Find Your Focus

Offers a variety of color cards showcasing the most popular Martin-Senour Paints interior and exterior colors and combinations, exterior stain colors, floor & porch colors.

Sample Your Style™

Purchase quart sized latex color samples to take home and test on your walls, so you can envision how a color will look when applied amongst your furnishings, accessories, and under your lighting conditions. These generously sized samples cover up to 100 square feet, and are available in hundreds of colors.