Color Fan Deck

Choosing paint is about more than covering a wall. It’s about expressing a personal style and creating a place to mentally regroup and recharge. Color plays an all-important role. It evokes a mood, stimulates the senses and balances a room.

Color Fan Deck

The Martin-Senour Paints Color Fan Deck features a total of 616 colors: 576 colors from our main palette and all 40 colors from our Harmonize Your Home Palette.

Our main palette includes 528 popular hues from our Interior and Exterior Collection, and 48 unique shades of white from our Whites Collection. Whether you want bold and whimsical or calming and serene, we offer the perfect colors in full spectrum from warm tones to cool.

Our Harmonize Your Home Palette includes 40 colors designed to visually connect multiple rooms and create a sense of balance and flow by using colors to transition from room to room. These colors can be used on walls, trim and ceilings as well as inspiration for accessories and furnishings.

The Martin-Senour Paints Color Fan Deck is a great tool to have on hand. Visit your local Martin-Senour Paints independent dealer to see how you can obtain one!