Paint With Confidence

Materials Checklist

Having everything you need is a key component to a successful result. Our Materials Checklist helps you determine what you have and what you still need for all phases of your project.

The following checklists include materials required for a wide range of projects. See our Surface Preparation and Recommendations page to learn what is required for your specific project before you compile your lists.

How to Use Our Materials Checklist

  1. Check the appropriate boxes for items that you “HAVE” and items that you “NEED.” Leave boxes unchecked next to items that your project does not require.
  2. Click Generate My Lists.
  3. Your lists will be divided between what you have and what you need. Any items you left unchecked will not appear on your lists.
Surface Preparation
Have Need Item
Safety Glasses
Dust Mask (if sanding)
Drop Cloth
Paint Scraper & Blades
Sanding Block
Putty Knife
Spackling Compound
Wood Filler
Caulking Gun & Caulk
Bucket, Sponge and Mild Detergent
Mildew Remover/Bleach
Painter’s Masking Tape
Have Need Item
Stir Sticks
Paint Brush
Roller Tray and Liner
Roller Cover
Roller Frame
Extension Pole
Faux Finishing Tools