Paint With Confidence

Exterior Common Issues & Solutions


Text & image courtesy of the Rohm & Haas Paint Quality Institute


Loss of paint due to poor adhesion. Where there is a primer and top coat, or multiple coats of paint, peeling may involve some or all coats.

Possible Cause

  • Seepage of moisture through uncaulked joints, worn caulk or leaks in roof or walls.
  • Excess moisture escaping through the exterior walls (more likely if paint is oil-based).
  • Inadequate surface preparation.
  • Use of lower quality paint.
  • Applying an oil-based paint over a wet surface.
  • Earlier blistering of paint (see Blistering).
  • Applying paint in a very thin coat.


Try to identify and eliminate source of moisture (see Efflorescence/Mottling). Prepare surface by removing all loose paint with scraper or wire brush, sand rough surfaces, prime bare wood. Repaint with a top quality 100% acrylic latex exterior paint for best adhesion and water resistance.