Paint With Confidence

How Much Paint Do I Need?

Selecting the right type of paint finish or sheen for your project makes all the difference. We’ve taken the guesswork out of selecting the best finish—so you can rest assured that your project will not only look great but will perform at its very best.

Interior and Exterior Paint Finishes

The selection of a finish for your project depends on the surface you are painting, where it is located, and the look that you wish to achieve. We’ve made this decision easy by providing you with descriptions of the types of sheens we offer: flat, eggshell, semi-gloss/satin gloss, and gloss finishes, along with a chart that indicates where each finish is best used throughout your house.

Our most elegant sheen, these no-shine finishes help hide minor surface blemishes, making walls and siding look smoother. Martin-Senour Paints flat finishes are washable, and are ideal for low traffic interior areas and for exterior siding.
With a subtle shine, this Martin-Senour® finish combines the beauty of a flat paint with the durability of a semi-gloss enamel. Eggshell finishes are easier to clean and more durable, making them ideal for low to moderate traffic interior areas, as well as exterior siding and trim.
These shiny, smooth finishes are scrubbable, washable, and stain resistant. Because of these reasons, they are perfect for high-traffic interior areas and those that require frequent cleaning, as well as exterior siding and trim.
These noticeably shiny and durable finishes provide a rich, silky luster. They are highly washable and stain resistant, and are perfect for areas that encounter friction such as doors and windows.

Exterior Stain Finishes

Semi-Transparent Stains
Add color to wood while allowing the wood’s natural grain to show through the stain.
M3-0034 Goldtone M3-0034 Goldtone
M3-0010 Weather Bark M3-0010 Weather Bark
Solid Color Stains
Opaque in color, solid color stains hide the grain of wood without covering its natural texture.
M2-3012 Old Gold M2-3012 Old Gold
M2-1102 Alpine Brown M2-1102 Alpine Brown
Martin-Senour® Sheen Chart
  Room or Area Flat Eggshell Semi-Gloss Gloss
Interior Ceilings Yes      
Dining Room Yes Yes Yes  
Living Room Yes Yes Yes  
Adult Bedroom Yes Yes Yes  
Children’s Bedroom   Yes Yes  
Family Room   Yes Yes  
Hallway   Yes Yes  
Kitchen     Yes  
Bathroom     Yes  
Laundry Room     Yes  
Doors & Trim     Yes Yes
Cabinets     Yes Yes
Floor     Yes Yes
Exterior Siding Yes Yes Yes  
Doors & Trim   Yes Yes Yes